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Proofreading, editing and document advice

Services to ensure your website and documents are sending the right message.

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Who it is for

Individuals and organisations - anybody who is interacting with the world using written English. We strongly believe that errors in written English can have a profound impact on how professionals and businesses are perceived by employers, employees, customers and investors.

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What it is

Proofreading or copy editing of any document or website - the level of editing is agreed up front and can include checking for grammar errors and typos, commenting on and fixing  poor clarity and inconsistent style, checking formatting, and checking links and alt text on websites. We can also help draft documents such as style guides to ensure that your team is consistent in its language use.

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What it costs

The cost for proofreading and editing documents varies depending on the level of editing requested. Basic proofreading starts at GBP 0.02 per word and can increase to GBP 0.04 per word if heavy editing and formatting is required.

Website proofreading is charged at a fixed rate of GBP 100 for up to 4 pages, capped at 6000 words. This does not include proofreading the legal pages, such as Terms of Use or Privacy Notice - these are charged at GBP 35 per page. Additional copy is charged at GBP 1.50 per 100 words. 

Document creation charged at GBP 35 per hour.

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