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English mastery programme

Online coaching sessions for highly proficient ESL speakers who want to fully connect with the English language.

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Who it is for

This programme is for individuals who are very comfortable communicating at a near-native level but who are self-aware of gaps in their deep knowledge of the language. This is an intellectual exploration of English. 

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What it is

Regular, one-hour individual online coaching sessions, over a period of several months. The first few sessions will be highly exploratory where we really dive into knowledge gaps and desired outcomes. The programme will generally include some accent improvement, advanced grammar, ethnolinguistic and cultural guidance and a tailored list of reading, listening and viewing material in several English dialects and accents. 

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What it costs

Sessions start at USD 60 / EUR 55 / GBP 50 if purchased separately. Discounts apply if packs of 5 / 10 / 15 sessions are purchased up-front. Monthly subscriptions are also available.

The first session is 30-minutes long and is free.

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