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Tailored English Language services to help individuals and organisations succeed professionally

If using English is critical to you reaching your career goals or organisational objectives, I can help you achieve your ambitions.

Thorn specialises in career and business-focused coaching in English as a Second Language (ESL). I work with teams and individuals, and can additionally provide a range of document and editing services.



I founded Thorn in 2023 to bring together my passion for language and my diverse business experience. I have a background in Linguistics, working primarily in instrumental and acoustic phonetics. While writing a PhD, I taught phonetics and sociolinguistics at undergraduate level, and was lucky enough to present research at international conferences and to have peer-reviewed papers published. I also had the opportunity to be part of a consulting team undertaking linguistic assessment and guidance for overseas-trained psychologists and psychiatrists operating in Australia.


​Over the past decade I have worked in the executive search and management consulting space, most recently as CEO for a group of global businesses providing a range of strategic services to international organisations. 

I have TEFL certification, professional training in proofreading and editing, and I am a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

In both my business and academic lives I've seen how powerful language can be in achieving aspirations, and this drives my philosophy with Thorn.

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  1. Ten years in management consulting meant I had the 'what keeps you up at night?' mentality drilled into me when working with clients. When I set up Thorn, I decided this was not the approach I wanted to take. Whenever I am working with a client, I aim to tap into their aspiration and not their fear. 

  2. I want every potential client to have a basic understanding of what my services cost without having to contact me. I'm not a fan of 'call for a quote'. 

  3. When I say 'tailored', I really mean it. You can find cheap ESL tutors online, but when you pay for a one hour lesson, that's all you get. I can guarantee that for every hour I spend with a client, a significant amount of preparation has been done.

  4. I aim to bring fun, authenticity and empathy to all that I do. Without these, why bother?

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“Tom is an experienced, well-rounded English coach with a friendly and dedicated approach to help his students excel. Tom helped me refine my learning goals and prepared a tailor syllabus that perfectly fits my needs. The classes are well structured and fun! I can only recommend Tom to learners of all levels and interest. I approached Tom with a very particular interest in English linguistics, phonetics and accent reduction. So our lessons revolve primarily around those topics. Great overall experience"

Jan C.

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